Reverse Withdrawals, Withdrawal Lock & Manual Flushing Explained

What is reverse withdrawal, manual flushing and withdrawal lock?

Online casino games are fun to play, even when we do it using only fun credits. Making real money wagers makes the experience even more exciting, and the best yet is when our investment pays off. Generating a profit and being subsequently able to make a withdrawal request is not only about money.

It proves you’ve got skills as well as luck and you may even feel you’ve managed to outsmart the casino. But don’t let the joy cloud your judgment. Only once you see the cash securely stored in your bank account is it time to celebrate. Let us explain why.

Reverse Withdrawals

Reverse withdrawal or pending withdrawal is a period of time between the moment you submit your cash-out request and the moment the casino starts processing it. During this waiting period players are able to reverse (cancel) their request, meaning that instead of collecting the winnings, they’ll send the money back into their casino accounts and use it to play on.

Not all gaming sites have a pending period and those that do usually make it last 24, 48 or even 72 hours. Either way, you’re given plenty of time to change your mind and go through an extremely simple process that often consists of nothing more than a click of a button.

Reverse withdrawals explained

Online casino operators impose pending periods for several different reasons. The initial waiting period is needed in order to verify your identity and make sure money is being handed over to the right person.

With the following withdrawal requests, they’ll need to check and confirm that you have won fairly and in line with Terms & Conditions, without breaking any rules. If, for example, you have used a bonus, they’ll need to check that wagering conditions were met, your bet value was below or in line with the maximum one allowed, no forbidden games were played, no vetoed types of wagers placed, etc. Some operators can do it to faster than others and that partially accounts for reverse withdrawals of different duration.

But there’s another important reason for making players wait. The thing is that the casino wants you to change your mind and is trying to provide enough time for that to happen. These guys don’t want to see cash going out of the casino when they’re doing all they can to keep it coming in!

One can consider it to be a subtle manipulation of winners intoxicated with success and harbouring a belief there’s more money to be made while on a winning streak. But ultimately, nobody is forcing your hand; as long as you decide to stick to your decision, the operator will pay what’s due within the time period specified. Is there anything one can do other than patiently wait for the pending period to end? Sometimes there is.

Manual Flushing

Some operators will allow players to perform the so-called manual flushing. What this means is that you’ll be able to sort of bypass the pending period by making a direct request to the casino’s customer support service.

Should you decide to do it, you’ll no longer have the option to cancel your cash-out and immediately reinvest the money. If that causes your balance to drop down to zero, a new deposit will have to be made in order to keep playing. The payout will still not go through immediately as the operator needs to process the payment, but manual flushing can significantly shorten the waiting time.

It is also a good tool for players with a history of reversal decisions they have lived to regret but are still struggling to allow the payment to go through. Manual flushing process is simple enough: after you have made a cash-out request, contact the casino directly and ask them to cancel pending time and start processing the transaction.

Manual flushing explained

Withdrawal Lock

Innovative casino operators, eager to offer a better service and differentiate from manipulating competitors, came up with something called a withdrawal lock. It’s essentially an automatic alternative to manual flushing. While the latter requires players to get in touch with support agents and takes a while to be executed, withdrawal locking is performed by clicking a button and effective immediately.

What is withdrawal lock?

This feature was first offered in 2016 by Casino Rizk and other gaming brands followed, though you still won’t find that many operators willing to make our lives easier in this particular manner. Withdrawal lock is currently also available at Casumo, SlotsMillion and Trada Casino.

Once the player has made a cash-out request, it will show on pending withdrawals page, transaction history or similar. Next to it, you’ll see a button labelled “lock” and only need to click it to make sure you don’t gamble away the winnings in a moment of weakness. After that, there’s no going back; the payment in question can’t be stopped and even contacting the casino’s customer service department won’t help.

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