Crazy Time by Evolution

Welcome to the craziest live casino game ever! Crazy Time is loaded with bonus games and multipliers. A game show that’s both fun to watch and play. The game is so fast it will never bore you!

It was only a matter of time that Evolution would present another awesome live casino game. It all started with Dream Catcher back in 2017. This revolutionary Money Wheel game did the earth shake in the online gambling world.

 What is Crazy Time?

Crazy Time is another live casino game produced by Evolution. This game is all about a giant money wheel. Above the money wheel is a Top Slot and on the wheel are four awesome bonuses – Coin Flip, Cash Hunt, Pachinko, and Crazy Time. The money wheel has 54 segments, and each contains either a number (1, 2, 5, or 10) or a bonus game.

The Money Wheel and Top Slot Spin at the Same Time

The Money Wheel and Top Slot Spin at the Same Time

At the start of each game round, both the money wheel and the Top Slot will spin at the same time. The Top Slot will determine one random multiplier for one random bet spot — either a number or a bonus game. When a multiplier and bet spot align horizontally in the Top Slot, it’s a match and a multiplier will be added to this bet spot.

 The Wheel Stops

The live host gives a swing at the Wheel and a flapper at the top of the wheel slows it down. When the wheel comes to a stop, the flapper indicates the winning segment. The game is very easy. You place a bet on one or more possible outcomes. If the wheel stops at the number that you have placed your bet on, you win. Your winnings are multiplied if the Top Slot multiplier was assigned to this particular bet spot.

But if the wheel doesn’t stop at a number but at a bonus game, the fun begins. If the Top Slot multiplier was won for this segment, the bonus multiplier will be multiplied with the Top Slot multiplier. If you did place a bet on this bonus segment, you can participate, otherwise, you’re just a spectator. This game is loaded with bonus games but be sure to place a bet on the bonus game to take part in the bonus round!

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How to Play Crazy Time

It’s a really easy game but we’ll take you to the entire process.

Place Bets

Place your bets on the bet spots where you think that the money wheel will stop. You have 12 seconds to place your bets. When the betting time is over, the game presenter will spin the money wheel. The Top Slot generates a possible random multiplier. Only if a bet spot and the multiplier align on the win line there will be a multiplier.  If not, the game continues without a multiplier.

Money Wheel

When the money wheel comes to a stop, the flapper will show which segment on the wheel won. As easy as that. If you placed a bet on the same number, you win. If a multiplier is active on this bet spot, your bet will be multiplied accordingly. There is also the possibility that the wheel stops on a bonus. Then the bonus game will start.  If the bonus game received a random multiplier, the multipliers in the bonus game will be multiplied with this multiplier at the start of the bonus round. If you placed a bet on the bonus game you may participate. Otherwise, you’re just a spectator.

User Interface Crazy Time

The user interface of Crazy Time is really simple. There is a button to bet on four numbers with one click. Also, there is a button to bet on four bonuses with one click. On the right side of your screen, you can see all the statistics.

User Interface Crazy Time

User Interface Crazy Time

 The Bonuses

There are 4 different bonuses in Crazy Time. Nine of the total 54 segments are bonuses. The four different bonuses are Coin Flip, Cash Hunt, Pachinko, and Crazy Time.

CoinflipCoin Flip MBC

In the Coin Flip bonus game, a coin with a blue side and a red side will be flipped. If the money wheel stops at Coin Flip, the host takes us to the bonus game. The host places a coin with a red and a blue side in the coin launcher. A screen reveals the multiplier values for each side. After a push on a button by the host, the launcher flips the coin. The side that is facing up at the end wins. If the coin lands with the red side up, you will win the red multiplier and vice versa for the blue side.

Cash HuntCash Hunt MBC

Cash Hunt is a shooting gallery and features a big screen with 108 random multipliers. Random symbols appear and they cover the multipliers. Then all symbols are shuffled. Every player selects his own target. As soon as the countdown begins all the players aim at their chosen symbol. When the time is up the cannon will shoot the target and this will reveal the hidden multiplier. The multiplier will multiply the bet.

PachinkoPachinko bonus mbc

The Pachinko bonus game features a large Pachinko wall. The wall has a multitude of physical pegs. There are 16 drop zones at the top and 16 random multipliers in the landing zones at the bottom. All landing zones will get a random multiplier or a ‘DOUBLE’ value. The host takes a puck and will drop this puck in the wall. The puck travels down the wall to finally land in a landing zone. If the puck lands on a multiplier, your bet will be multiplied. If the puck lands on ‘DOUBLE’, all the multipliers are doubled and the host will drop the puck once more.

Crazy Time ct betslip

The last bonus is the biggest. Behind the red door, there’s a gigantic virtual wheel in a crazy and fun virtual world. The virtual wheel has 64 segments and three flappers. It is filled with crazy multipliers with the possibility for crazy multiplied winnings! Crazy Time has four different virtual wheels, some offer more ‘DOUBLE’ and ‘TRIPLE’ segments, some offer higher multipliers — all to make the game even more exciting! The wheel is randomly selected at the start of the bonus round.

Every player chooses his own flapper. There is a green, blue, and a yellow flapper. If the decision time runs out, a random flapper is automatically selected. The game host pushes \a button and the wheel starts turning.  When the wheel stops spinning, the flappers will be pointing at three different segments. You will win the multiplier at your chosen flapper. The multiplier will be applied to each player’s winnings instantly. There are also segments with “double” or “triple”. If a flapper stops at one of these segments, the wheel will spin again. Only the players with the right flapper are in this time. The computer doubles all the multipliers and after a short spin, the wheel stops again. The wheel can be re-spun after winning on ‘DOUBLE’ or ‘TRIPLE’ until the multipliers have
reached the maximum 20,000x multiplier.

All the Bonuses

All the Bonuses


 The Payouts & RTP of Crazy Time

The payouts are really simple. The numbers on the wheel stand for the multiplier. So 2 stands for 2 to 1 payout. For the bonuses it’s different. Every time a bonus game is played a randomly selected multiplier will be activated. The payout at bonuses is capped at €500.000. The RTP is different for every bet option. See all in the table below.

Payouts Crazy Time

Payouts Crazy Time

  Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a maximum win?

Yes, the max win is set at €500.000 every game.

What is the biggest multiplier in the Top Slot?

The Top Slot can multiply up to 50x.

Where can I play Crazy Time?

In all the casinos we selected you can play Crazy Time.

Who invented Crazy Time?

Evolution (former Evolution Gaming) presented this game show in 2020 in London.