How to Beat Online Casinos

How to beat online casinos

Thousands of players like yourself are continuously scouring available resources in the hope they’ll learn how to beat online casinos. The internet is full of advice, strategies, tips and tricks and some authors will swear theirs is the winning deal. The truth is, there is no strategy, tip or trick that could guarantee a profit will be made with every single bet placed, no matter which game you choose to play. There are, however, some that can help increase your winning chances and that’s really the best any casino fan can hope for.

1.) Learn About Rules and Payouts

Familiarizing yourself with game rules and payouts is the first thing to do, no matter if you’re wagering on slots or table games and regardless of whether the latter are played against a computer or a live dealer. Each game available at an online casino comes with a Help section which explains its rules in details and displays payouts for every potential outcome. Theory and practice are not the same so, whenever possible, use free-play option to practice and gain experience prior to making a deposit and playing for real. You may not be able to join a live dealer game for free but most of the time the casino will allow you to launch it and observe.

  • Learn the rules
  • Study the payouts
  • Use free play to hone your skills

2.) Choose Games with High Payout Percentage (RTP)

The theoretical return to player (RTP) is an important piece of information you should be able to find for every online casino game, either within the Help/Rules section or by using third-party resources. Being the result of thorough testing and thousands of spins/hands, it gives you an idea about the game’s payout potential. A slot with an RTP of 90% will long term pay €90 per €100 wagered, while the one with the theoretical return of 97% should earn you €97 for the same investment. The return on most slots ranges between 95-98% and the average RTP of Blackjack games is 99.50%, so anything above should be considered good.

  • RTP is a crucial metric
  • Choose Blackjack over Slots
  • Only play high RTP Slots

3.) Use Bonuses & Promotions Wisely

Online players are literally bombarded by various kinds of promotional offers and many happily accept the opportunity to boost their gaming budgets. Additional funds will normally enable you to play for longer and increase your chances of scoring a nice win, so why not accept? By all means, do it, but make sure you can tell the difference between good and bad offers.

A good promotional deal, no matter if it comes in the form of match bonuses, free spins or cashbacks, will have few restrictions and low wagering requirements or none at all. Having claimed a bad offer, you’ll receive extra funds which are nearly impossible to cash out due to unfairly high play-through requirements. The operator will impose ridiculously low limits in terms of withdrawable value and attach a number of other restrictions, such as available games, game contribution, bet size, and so on. Attached T&C may be incomplete or difficult to find, and eventually, what’s supposed to improve your gaming experience may end up ruining it.

The Good: 

  • No bonus wagering requirements
  • Free spins keep what you win (free spins winnings can be withdrawn)
  • Real money cashbacks

The Bad:

  • High bonus wagering requirements
  • Only bets on certain games count towards meeting playthrough requirements
  • Maximum cashout limit for free spins winnings

The Ugly: 

  • Predatory bonus clauses designed to make cashouts next to impossible

4.) Smart Banking (Money Management)

Every online casino has its own list of supported banking methods and different terms attached to each. While it’s common to see the same credit cards and two popular eWallets pretty much everywhere, you may find that some operators process related deposits and withdrawals free of charge while others impose fees of different value. If the currency you wish to use is not one of the supported ones, you’ll also have to pay exchange fees. Obviously, these additional costs will leave you with less money to play with and should be avoided whenever possible. That means finding a casino willing to let you pay and play in your own currency and choosing convenient payment options such as MuchBetter, an eWallet which costs you next to nothing and is equally beneficial for the operator.

  • Play in local currency to avoid exchange fees
  • Opt for payment methods that are fast and have no transaction fees
  • Don’t be afraid to try new banking options such as MuchBetter, Interac, Swish

5.) Plan Your Gaming Sessions

Planning your gaming session means setting limits in terms of time you want to spend playing a particular game as well as the amount of money you’re willing to invest. Once either is up, be strong enough to walk away. When playing without a plan it’s easy to succumb to temptations and spend far more than one can afford. Many have engaged in chasing their losses, hoping the very next wager will recuperate all which was lost thus far. Needless to say, it rarely does. Setting time and money limits minimizes such risks.

  • Set aside a budget for gambling
  • Only bet what you can afford to lose
  • Quit while you are ahead
  • Never chase your losses
  • Set interval and deposit limits

6.) Create Favorable Conditions

If you start playing when tired or frustrated, chances are you’ll find it hard to concentrate. If you had more than a few drinks, it’s quite likely you’ll make a few bad decisions. An environment filled with distractions such as a TV with the volume turned up, a mobile phone that keeps ringing and other people in the vicinity is not an ideal setting in which to play real money games. Such small details can make a huge difference in terms of your performance and are at the same time completely under your control.

  • Ensure you are in the right mindset for gambling
  • Avoid unnecessary distractions

7.) Play at Reputable Online Casinos

This one is a no-brainer, right? And yet you’ll find hundreds and thousands of reviews written by disgruntled players that have been swindled one way or another. There are gaming sites posing as licensed venues when in fact no official body regulates their operations, as well as those pirating games and messing with their Random Number Generators.

A reputable online casino will own a license issued by a trustworthy regulator such as the Malta Gaming Authority, the UK Gambling Commission or the Gibraltar Gaming Commission. They will provide transparent terms and conditions, impose fair wagering requirements, process withdrawal requests within a day or less, and have an easily accessible customer service department. They are managed by an operator with a good track record and as few as possible (unresolved) customer complaints. One can also check the casino’s performance by reading unbiased online reviews. When playing against the house, you’re already at a disadvantage; the least you can do is make sure the house will play fairly.

  • Check the casino license
  • Read through bonus terms & conditions
  • Make sure withdrawals are processed in a timely manner
  • Consult fellow gamers and unbiased reviews before making a decision
  • Reputation, security and fairness go a long way

8.) Practice Makes Perfect

The more you play, the better you’ll be at it, but that doesn’t mean you should gamble away a small fortune just so you can learn. Free-play option is frequently used by players that consider online gaming a form of entertainment and don’t care about its money-making potential, but at the same time, it’s an excellent tool for improving one’s gameplay. A novice blackjack player will likely stick to basics and limit the game’s win potential to 3:2 on the original wager, while a more experienced one will feel confident enough to smartly use split and double down options and consequently generate higher profits with the same number of hands. Using the opportunity to try different strategies risk-free always pays off.

  • Play in line with your proficiency level
  • Use free play and low-risk wagers if you are a novice
  • Only play for real money and make risky bets if you are proficient in the game

Can You Beat Online Casinos?

Though many have proved it to be possible, be aware that lady luck plays a major role and one can help her by following the advice given above. You can’t beat the house if you don’t know the rules of the game if you don’t manage your bankroll carefully or fail to remain in control. You’ll struggle to do it if betting on games with bad odds and can make winning a mission impossible by choosing to play at a dodgy gaming site.

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