Place Risk-Free Bets at VegasCasino and Get Your Money Back

Risk Free Bets on Lightning Roulette at VegasCasino

How would you like a promotion that will give you a chance to place bets without any risk of losing your money? Sounds unbelievable? You will not seem so shocked when we take you down to VegasCasino, where you can check out their latest offer on Lightning Roulette, place bets as big as €50 and get all of your money back if you, god forbid, lose the money on the bet.

Play Lightning Roulette and Get up to €50 Back

The promotion in question is not about big wins and huge bonuses, this is an offer that will allow you to place bets without any risks. Make a bet between €5 and €50 on Lightning Roulette, and if you lose your bet, you will be refunded the following Tuesday and that is all you need to know before you place your bets. Remember that, if, for example, you place a bet of €100, you will only get €50 back, because that is the maximum.

Enjoy Your Risk-Free Bets Until the End of August

Risk-free bets are not on offer that often and this particular offer by VegasCasino also has an expiration date. Place bets without risk until 31st August, because this is when it will all be over. Remember that the minimum bet cannot be under €5 and that the maximum wager cannot go over €50.

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