MuchBetter Reduces Operators’ Payment Costs by up to 100%

MuchBetter has conducted a case study to illustrate massive savings online casino operators can benefit from

Launched as recently as November 2017, MuchBetter has already managed to partner up with a large number of reputable online casinos happy to offer this new payment method as a convenient deposit and withdrawal option. Players have embraced it thanks to the ease of use, speed, safety and low fees, while operators particularly appreciate the provider’s net monthly deposit commercial model which minimizes payment processing cost.

The company has recently conducted two case studies to illustrate massive savings online casino operators can benefit from when players use MuchBetter app-based wallet. Both EEA and Brazilian VIP studies clearly demonstrate how the provider’s net-deposit pricing model reduces VIP payment costs by as much as 75% to 100%. Such dramatic savings are possible because the provider assesses monthly transaction activity for each player and then charges a processing fee based on their Net deposit amount.

How MuchBetter’s Net-Deposit Pricing Model Works

The first case study presents a payment profile of a German player called Jens. In January, Jens deposited €183,683 and withdrew €111,263. His net deposit amount was thus €72,420 and the total payment cost €1,991.55, which gives an effective rate (payment cost vs deposits + withdrawals) of only 0.67%. In February, the casino received €246,737 from Jens and paid him €298,064. Negative net deposit amount resulted in the payment processing cost of zero.

The VIP case study shows how online casinos can achieve massive cost reductions

The second study explores deposits and withdrawals made by Maria over the same time period. In January, Maria transferred $45,000 and collected $102,000, while in February she deposited $57,000 and withdrew $90,000. In both months her net deposit amount was negative and the operator’s payment processing cost zero.

Let’s Compare…

If Jens and Maria were using a traditional wallet provider rather than MuchBetter, fees would have been significantly higher. Jens’ deposits worth €480,593 would incur a cost of 1.50% or €7,208.90 and his withdrawals a cost of 0.50% or €2,156.19 – a total of €9,365.09. Using MuchBetter, the cost was 80% lower! Maria’s example is even more impressive; transactions made by the Brazilian player didn’t cost the casino a single cent!

By introducing VIP players that generate high volumes of transactions to MuchBetter app, online casinos that accept MuchBetter payments are able to achieve massive cost reductions and use the money saved to promote their business, upgrade their offering and reward their players. Eventually, everybody wins!

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