Wizard Games Presents a Magical Saga: Wynmor’s Tales – The Rise

Wynmor's Tales – The Rise video slot logo

Wizard Games launches Wynmor’s Tales – The Rise, immersing players in a magical world. Set in a mystical mansion, this new online slot is set on a 5×4 grid with 40 paylines, promising ample winning chances. It’s poised to captivate slot game enthusiasts with thrilling gameplay and stunning visuals.

Unraveling the Rise of Magic

Wynmor’s Tales – The Rise stands out with its spellbook feature, capturing Cash Symbols for potential big payouts. It’s a thrilling twist, turning each spin into a mini treasure hunt.

Then, there’s the Orb Treasures Feature. If Cash Symbols land but no spellbook appears, those symbols go into a meter. Once that meter fills up, players can win prizes worth up to 2,500 times their bet. It’s like a jackpot waiting to be hit with every spin.

The Lock N Spin bonus activates with three castle Scatter symbols, granting three respins if Cash Symbols populate the reels. Fill a reel with Cash Symbols to earn a multiplier, maximizing rewards with strategic play.

And get this: Wynmor’s Tales—The Rise isn’t just a one-off game. It’s the start of a whole series of interconnected stories. Wizard Games is building a gaming universe with over 150 different titles already under its belt. It’s all about keeping players hooked and eagerly waiting for the next instalment.

So, if you’re into slot games that blend storytelling with exciting features, Wynmor’s Tales – The Rise is worth checking out. It’s a journey into magic and mystery that’ll keep you spinning those reels for more.

Wynmor’s Tales – Where Magic Comes Alive

Megan Easey, Director of Operations at Wizard Games, is thrilled about Wynmor’s Tales – The Rise. She touts its innovative features – Cash Collect, Orb Treasures, and the Lock N Spin Bonus – for promising magical wins. Easy expects the game’s immersive world, advanced graphics, and engaging mechanics to attract a wider audience.

Abhishek Singh, Game Producer at Wizard Games, emphasized the uniqueness of the first slot in the series. He mentioned the inclusion of Wynmor, the brand mascot, which adds extra charm to the game. Singh stated that Wynmor’s Tales – The Rise offered players an unforgettable experience, combining stunning visuals with an adventurous spirit that keeps them eagerly spinning the reels.

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