Stakelogic Live Launches Spin to Win

Spin to Win by StakeLogic Live

Stakelogic Live and its parent company have introduced Spin to Win, which utilizes a genuinely innovative progressive Jackpot system. This smart Live system allows random players to blend online slots with a Live money wheel. It is possible to combine those two for the first time in the iGaming industry. The fascinating product connects the Live casino with RNG slots via a tool never seen before. In addition, this system triggers every few minutes for any player. This fact allows every punter to activate the Jackpot, multiplying the excitement immensely.

The system in question contains two Mega Money wheels in a state-of-the-art studio. Moreover, the first has multiple cash prizes, valued between €50 to €1,000, spread across 53 segments, plus a red one. If the pointer hits one of the non-red segments, the player is awarded, but the red segment takes them to wheel two. The latter also contains fifty-four segments, including 45 Mini Jackpots, eight Major and one Grand Jackpot. The Mini value has a €1,000 seed, granting €2,500 on average. Major Jackpots seed at €5,000 and usually reach €15,000, while the Grand Jackpot seeds at €100,000 and tops at an average of half-a-million euros.

Simple Procedure

Once a random player is chosen and fills in their username, they are immediately connected to the Live studio. The presenter spins the wheel, and the player will be awarded what they win or moved to the next wheel. The exciting process does not last more than a few minutes, giving punters phenomenal chances. Furthermore, the revolutionary aspect of the Live Progressive Jackpot system and Spin to Win enables it to be integrated into multiple slots. Many winning chances are in store for the fortunate players.

Stakelogic Live is one of the most prominent Live providers in the industry. They have introduced multiple fantastic products and memorable games to cement their front-running position. Furthermore, the studio already sports a respectable portfolio with seven game types, including roulette, blackjack and wheel game shows. Spin to Win is a definite game-changer in the field, providing numerous attractive opportunities. It delivers a thrilling playing experience, holding players on the edge of their seats.

Milestone Achievement

The officials know what they did for the industry, underlining their excitement about the new development. Stephan van den Oetelaar, the CEO, has noted the team is beyond proud of this system and feature. The Live section is already pretty big, but it will help them maintain steady growth. Spin to Win and the Progressive Jackpot System enable operators to create phenomenal player experiences. It is, by all means, a breakthrough, and everyone looks forward to operators offering the product to players. The engagement opportunities it provides are tremendous.

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