Royal Panda Casino Adds MuchBetter to Its Banking Options

Royal Panda teams up with MuchBetter payment provider

MuchBetter was chosen to join Royal Panda and reinforce the casino’s offer of payment methods for European players. Since November 2017, Royal Panda punters are able to pick MuchBetter as their preferred payment method to deposit at the casino.

With over 300 casino games that are also optimised for mobile play, Royal Panda is one of the best casinos out there for European online gamblers.

A Breakthrough for the New Payment Provider

Thanks to MuchBetter’s unique commercial model, Royal Panda will be able to reduce both payment fees and bonus abuse. Its customers are encouraged to use the MuchBetter payments app, which is available on iOS and Android. By using their smartphone or pre-paid card, MuchBetter users can make payments offline, online and using the contactless symbol.

What really sets MuchBetter apart from other traditional payment methods and e-wallets is a fresh approach to transfer fees. Whereas most conventional payment systems charge for each individual transaction, MuchBetter goes the extra mile to adapt its commercial model to the value of a player to the specific operator.

No More Bonus Abuse

Royal Panda took interest in MuchBetter for one other reason – its attitude towards risk and fraud prevention. It is not unusual for players to create a new account at the casino just for the purpose of taking advantage of the sign-up bonus. These tricksters are nowhere to be seen after they cash out the bonus, and anonymous payment methods such as e-wallets enable them in this deceit.

MuchBetter has found a way to discourage bonus abuse by tying the player’s account to his or her mobile device. The app uses multiple additional features to establish a certain mobile device as the “trusted” device for a given account. These include phone number verification, one time passwords and biometric authentication. 

Mutually Benefitial Partnership

MuchBetter co-founder, Jens Bader, commented that opportunists and bonus abusers were common in the iGaming sector and added that MuchBetter made it way harder for them to con the system. MuchBetter is expected to produce a sharp decline in fraud compared to traditional payment options at Royal Panda.

As European players make up for one of the primary markets for Royal Panda, the casino was looking to add new payment solutions. Daniel Bugeja from Royal Panda’s team confirmed that MuchBetter’s presentation was impressive and that the cooperation that followed was running smoothly from the initial meetings to launch.    

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