Personal IBAN Service Supported by MuchBetter

MuchBetter Allow Its Customers Use Personal IBAN

Secure, hassle-free deposits have never been so close and within reach. MuchBetter has decided to allow its customers to set up a personal IBAN and use this service with their payment accounts, linking them to their online gambling profiles.

The news was announced at the ICE 2020 Gaming Show in London, with the award-winning iGaming payments company confirming the service launching initially for European MuchBetter customers and merchants. The project is expected to go live on a global scale later in the year.

What is IBAN?

IBAN (International Bank Account Number) is a system of identifying bank accounts working on an international level with the aim to facilitate money transactions and reduce the risk of errors during transfers.

Those who opt for the MuchBetter IBAN service will benefit from a facility that operates as a secondary bank account. Users will be able to make deposits to their iGaming accounts directly from their bank accounts. Opening their gaming apps or even their MuchBetter apps will no longer be necessary.

The MuchBetter IBAN Service Benefits

The unique new service will be equally straightforward and easy to use for both casino operators and account holders, according to MuchBetter co-founder, Jens Bader. Apparently, all the hassle is being cleared out of the way, allowing players to make quick deposits to their internet gaming accounts in a more direct manner, eliminating the middleman, or in this case the middle-app.

The risk for the operator is eliminated by finalising push payments through the MuchBetter API. As presented by MuchBetter representatives, these are the advantages the new MuchBetter IBAN service is expected to provide:

For Players

  • Transferring funds without opening an iGaming app, MuchBetter app, logging in or visiting a cashier
  • Players may ask for an extra layer of privacy
  • Real-time crediting is enabled through personal IBAN for free

For Operators

  • Giving players access to a seamless and secure deposit option they can benefit from in a unique way
  • Making use of a low-cost, low-effort IBAN deposit option that is easy to set up
  • Dispensing with paperwork and hassle-prone technical processes
  • Notification each time an IBAN transaction comes through

As it is pointed out in the official announcement, European web gaming operators will be first to implement the new MuchBetter IBAN service and the European customers the first to use it. At the same time, the company sets the foundations to expand its convenient framework into further global markets in 2020.

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