Nolimit City Sets the Stage for a Captivating 2024 With the Release of Devil’s Crossroad

Nolimit City's Devil's Crossroads

After a successful 2023 featuring hits like Action Spins, Nolimit City is ushering in the new year with a determination to revolutionize the slots industry. Their latest release, Devil’s Crossroad, marks the beginning of an exhilarating journey. Brace yourself for an exciting voyage!

The Ingenious Fusion of Crosslink-Ways Layout

Devil’s Crossroad cleverly combines the crosslink-ways layout of 2023’s Gluttony with the well-known 3-2-1 Collector Bonus seen in Fire in the Hole, Dead Canary, and Whacked. Nolimit City keeps the main elements from these features but also adds unique elements, which makes the new title compelling and even more exciting.

Despite the absence of Nolimit City’s xMechanics in the main game, the experience is far from dull. The Devil’s Crossroad, which uses the revolutionary Crosslink ways arrangement, presents winning opportunities via horizontal and vertical symbol joining. This dynamic arrangement incorporates Cross Multipliers and Cross Wilds, which inject a constant stream of excitement into each spin, keeping players fully engaged and thrilled throughout their gaming experience.

In the extra mode, Redemption Spins, players enter the devil’s office for a deal. The bonus round features a distinct 3-2-1 coin collector game with six activating features upon each column fill. Each feature increases the coin value, except Lust, which accelerates the progress bar to upgrade the entire bonus. This is where the real magic happens, as these attributes influence both rows and columns.

Nolimit City kicks off the year with a daring release, Devil’s Crossroad, emphasizing that while making a figurative bargain with the devil might seem promising, there’s always a due to be paid. In this game, that debt translates into a thrilling maximum simulated payout of 13,180 times the bet.

Unveiling Devil’s Office Deals and Thrilling Payouts

Nolimit City’s Head of Product, Per Lindheimer, provided insights into Devil’s Crossroad, describing it as a harmonious blend of old and new gaming characteristics. This is the second foray into crosslink ways games, with a 3-2-1 Collector Bonus that offers intriguing features and potential. Lindheimer emphasized the slot’s unique twist, in which the infamous deadly sins, traditionally connected with death, play an unexpected part in helping players reach ultimate redemption.

The Devil Wild symbol dominates the gameplay. Positioned at the centre of the grid and divided into four cross sections, each rotation shows four symbols. Winning symbols move toward the central wild, resulting in a dynamic experience. Empty spaces are filled with new symbols, assuring exciting gameplay at stake levels ranging from $0.2 to $200 for each spin.

The Wilds function as substitutes, completing winning combinations and adding an extra degree of excitement when neighbouring pay symbols periodically convert into wilds, increasing the unpredictability and exhilarating element of the gaming experience.

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