MuchBetter & WinWatch Launch Analogue Payments Steel Watch

MuchBetter and WinWatch Launch Analogue Payments Steel Watch

Payments app MuchBetter and WinWatch Trade Ltd, Swiss watch smart glass provider, have struck an unlikely partnership to launch a unique analogue payments steel watch with smart payment functionality. Stay with us to learn more about the MuchBetter Watch and the benefits of using it.

What Is MuchBetter Watch?

The MuchBetter Watch is a Swiss-made quartz chrono wristwatch with a 41mm radius with a black rubber bracelet that allows users to make payments worldwide. Simply activate the watch in your MuchBetter payment app/e-wallet, and you are ready to go.

MuchBetter and WinWatch have created the first watch to use “STISS®” payments glass, a super-strong sapphire glass infused with payment technology. What does this mean? It means that you can wear the watch and use it to make secure contactless payments up to £45 using a 9-digit personal activation code. Modern smartwatches require charging, are internet-dependent and typically feature bulky designs.

The MuchBetter Watch offers a stylish appearance and a timeless, luxurious feel in combination with exclusive payment functionality. It contains a contactless payment chip with a 5 years token validity once activated in MuchBetter app (Mastercard® powered). The gizmo was assembled by Chrono AG, in Solothurn, Switzerland.

“Swiss-made watches will always be the pinnacle of watch design, often passed down from generation to generation,” MuchBetter co-founder Jens Bader said upon launch.

He also reminded that the smartwatch trend might become obsolete in a few years and that adding smart features to beloved analogue watches is the way to go.

“After the great success of the MuchBetter powered CashCuff smart-shirt and our payment keyfobs, we’re really excited to be launching this watch to the market,” he added.

The current price of the MuchBetter Watch on the WinWatch website is 295 CHF.

“By combining our world-first STISS capabilities with MuchBetter’s best-in-class e-money solutions we have created a truly unique, affordable luxury product,” WinWatch CEO Alex Kalbermatten stated.

Who or What is WinWatch?

WinWatch Trade Ltd. is the manufacturer and worldwide distributor of the STISS® watch glass based in Switzerland. The STISS® sapphire crystal technology with payment chip works without battery. WinWatch is the first company to seal a payment chip (EMV) and antenna within a glass watch face.

If James Bond were real, this is the company he’d turn to for his next gadget. The chip does not need its own battery and therefore remains completely maintenance-free. It can be used at millions of locations worldwide where Mastercard® contactless is accepted.

Why a Watch with Smart Payment Functionality and Why Now?

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, people are encouraged to pay via contactless wherever possible. In light of these developments, MuchBetter has become aware of the increasing need for innovative contactless payment options among the general public. Watch manufacturers like WinWatch have recognised the same demand.

By teaming up and launching the MuchBetter Watch, these two socially-conscious companies have enabled watch wearers to use their accessory like any contactless payment card, provided that the user has paired it to their MuchBetter wallet/app.  They don’t even have to have their phone with them to make payments, as long as their wallet is funded beforehand through the phone.

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