MuchBetter MegaDraw: Win a Trip to Vegas!

MuchBetter Takes You to Las Vegas

Healthy competition has always benefitted customers. When two or more companies are doing their best to win your business, they will do whatever it takes! The same rings true for payment processors like e-wallets. Signing up for one is easy, which makes switching about for better conditions quite easy!

Then again, established payment platforms rarely go out of their way to reward their gamblers. MuchBetter continues to live up to their name, as they reward their most dedicated users with a dream trip! Have you ever hoped for a dream trip to Las Vegas on someone else’s dime? That’s precisely what the MegaDraw is all about!

The Road to Victory

So, how do you participate? It’s quite simple, really. The MegaDraw promotion runs between 1 August and 31 December 2019. During this time, the company will keep track of how many MegaDraw points you’ve earned.

These points can be earned in two ways. The first, simpler method is to spend money from your MuchBetter wallet. The second involves participating in special MuchBetter promotions, like friend referrals or double point events!

Each point you earn counts as a separate ticket for the MegaDraw event. When the promotion ends, a winner will be randomly selected using a computerized process. Only one winning ticket can be drawn. So the more you have, the better your odds will be of winning that dream trip!

The Grand Prize

What do you receive for all your troubles? An amazing trip to Las Vegas in 2020. There are no exact dates, as the payment provider will arrange that with the winner. Wouldn’t want the trip to overlap with some important event in their life! As part of the award, you get the following goodies:

  • 6 nights spent at 5-star hotel accommodation, breakfast included
  • $20,000 worth of spending money that will be deposited to your MuchBetter wallet
  • 2 economy class return flights and transfer to the hotel
  • 2 VIP tickets to a show in Las Vegas (specific show to be determined)
  • Dinner at a fine dining restaurant up to $500 in value (specific restaurant to be determined)

It’s a pretty sweet deal all around! Best of all, MuchBetter users automatically opt in the arrangement. There is no extra cost or obligation associated with participating in the bonus. So cross your fingers and hope you get lucky! You might score an awesome Las Vegas trip this New Year.

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