MuchBetter Launches Premium Orange Card

MuchBetter unveils Premium Orange Card and key fob

Looking to make your payment device “more extraordinary”, MuchBetter is taking their design and security game to the next level with their latest Premium Orange Card.

The colour of MuchBetter has been orange from the very beginning because it represents strength and endurance and it was about time to see this vibrant colour all over MuchBetter cards and key fobs, which were previously black with the logo laid over the top.

How to Get a New Premium Orange Card

As long as you reside within the EEA, you can order a free MuchBetter card and key fob for a price of £10 (or currency equivalent). All you need to do is go to the devices section within your mobile app. Launch the app, log in and check your balance status. If you have £30 (or your currency equivalent) minimum balance you are eligible to place an order. Now, this does not mean you will be charged anything extra, this is just the sum that is required to be able to execute the order.

At the bottom of the screen, you will see the contactless payment symbol, select that and then “Get your free card”. Confirm your address and choose your card PIN number. When this process is complete, your order will be placed automatically. If you haven’t joined the orange revolution, this is the perfect opportunity to do so.

Since MuchBetter cards are powered by MasterCard, you will be able to use the Premium Orange Card like any other MasterCard – to make online payments, contactless payments, fund your online casino account and so on.

High-end Security with Dynamic CVV

Besides being a visual representation of the company’s passion for convenient and efficient payments, the Premium Orange Card from MuchBetter comes with a dynamic CVV number. By default, the 3-digit security number on the back of a card renders an excellent security measure.

MuchBetter has introduced a significant improvement in this aspect by making the number stored on the app, so each time you log in, the CVV number of your card will change. Since your CVV will be different every time you access the app and use the card, it becomes impossible for scammers to take advantage. In the event of your card getting stolen or lost, you can log in and block it from your mobile app, thus eliminating any possibility of fraud.

Is MuchBetter continuing to disrupt the payment industry with new orange cards and key fobs? It would appear so!

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