Face the Mayan Snake Good in Coba Slot by ELK Studios

ELK Studio has released a new slot title - Coba

Quetzalcoatl was one of the most powerful deities worshipped by early Latin American civilisations. The snake god, also known as the Feathered Serpent, was frequently represented in various temples of that time. However, besides Teotihuacan and its Temple of Quetzalcoatl, the famous snake has been protecting another ancient city – Coba. This Mayan settlement and its mighty god have inspired ELK Studios to deliver a thrilling adventure on the reels.

The new online slot from ELK Studios leads you deep into hidden chambers to face and overcome dangerous traps to reach mouth-watering treasures worth 25,000x. Are you ready to spin reels in this thrilling cluster slot and reveal all its hidden secrets?

Will Snake God Protect the Hidden Treasures?

Coba is a video slot played at a 7-reel, 7-row game board with cluster pays replacing classic paylines. Cluster pays require five or more connecting symbols, and the winning compo can appear anywhere on the board. The game delivers innovative solutions such as a unique tumble mechanic. Moreover, Coba also offers multiplying Wilds and four levels with serpents growing unstoppably, creating an even bigger cluster wins.

The main features in this engaging ELK Studios release are X-iter, Snake Meter, Snakes, Eat & Grow and Crossing. X-iter lets you buy the most coveted bonuses, triggering them without waiting. The feature buy option has five game modes with costs ranging from 2x bet in Pray to Quetzalcoatl to 500x the bet in Coba mode.

Snake Meter measures your success and increases your levels. Each win leads to more snakes on the grid and a higher level. There are a total of four levels, each allowing more snakes to enter the grid. The first one releases one snake, and the highest, fourth level unleashes six of them.

Other Coba Slot Features

The Snakes feature acts as a walking cluster that moves across the game board, creating wins. Snakes comprise at least five symbols and can be a winning cluster on their own or join another one to create an even larger and more valuable cluster. This is where Eat & Grow comes in handy. As the name implies, the feature allows snakes to eat other symbols of the same colour and grow in length.

As the game can have multiple snakes on the grid, there’s a good chance they’ll cross each other’s paths. The place where two snakes meet creates a 2x multiplier Wild. With each new crossing, this multiplier rises.

ELK Studios’ new game is a medium volatility release with an RTP of 95%, which is below the industry standard. The maximum win is 25,000 times your bet, and the hit frequency is 38.9%. Finally, bet levels range from €0.20-€100.

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