Ezugi Enriches Live Casino Assortment with Royal Poker

Royal Poker - Live Casino release by Ezugi

Ezugi, a prominent Evolution-owned brand, has added a new game to its Live game roster. Royal Poker is a standard-rule game against the dealer for comparing and ranking hands. The company says the game is immensely popular across Central and Eastern Europe, offering numerous decision-making chances to the players. They can buy an extra card, take out insurance, exchange cards to create a stronger hand, or buy the dealer a card. The dealer’s hand needs to contain Ace+King pair to qualify, and players with a good hand can help by buying a card.

Additionally, players can make a double combo if the second one contains all the new cards. The studio streams the game Live from a state-of-the-art studio hosted by energetic and charismatic trained dealers. Pang Goh, Business Development Director at Ezugi, has noted the roots of this game have arrived from Eastern Europe. However, it is becoming increasingly popular in other parts of the globe. Gamers always search for new things, and the idea was to adopt a Live game where a player takes a stand against the house. Strong and weak poker hands, top-quality design, and unbearable excitement attract players to try the new variant and experience the thrill.

New Spin on Classic Game

The new game enables players to play a classic variant of the game with a fresh spin on it. It enhances the excitement and intensity experienced during the game with the choices punters must make. Adding an extra layer of challenge and complexity makes the game more thrilling for the gamers. The new release delivers a phenomenal experience, and the officials hope players will appreciate it. Its twists and players’ involvement make it unique, and they are confident it will become enormously popular across the entire industry.

Since it became a part of the Evolution group, Ezugi has moved toward new geographical jurisdictions. It has built its reputation as a household name, a brave developer pushing the envelope. Its versatile game roster shows this provider does not plan to stop producing popular games which suit its fans’ needs. Evolution has also continued the tradition of acquiring prominent studios, purchasing Nolimit City, one of the most exciting names in the field. They are expected to carry on producing games that challenge players and push the boundaries in the industry. Partnering with Evolution should bring Nolimit City significant profit, for the iGaming behemoth reported a significant year-on-year rise. Their operating revenue increased by 34% in Q2 2022.

Excitement and Challenge

Everybody expects Royal Poker to be another Live game that hits the spot. Players adore classic games with a twist that allows them to experience chills and thrills, and this one seems like such a release. Evolution and its subsidiaries create every game intending to make a hit, but Live games are its own backyard. No studio has such cutting-edge technology, experienced hosts, and other top conditions. Developers take pride in creating phenomenal games that put players at the heart of the action with astonishing realism.

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