Experience the Captivating Journey of Easter Eggspedition by Play’n GO

Easter Eggspedition video slot logo

Play’n Go, a well-known iGaming provider, has created a fresh twist on a popular game theme. This fun game invites players to join Super Bunny, also known as Benny the Bunny, on a thrilling adventure. Along the way, you’ll collect yummy chocolate eggs while trying to outsmart Benny’s tricky opponent, Foxy.

With cool features like Free Spins, Guaranteed Scatters, and Instant Prizes, Easter Eggspedition offers a fantastic gaming experience, especially for those who love chasing cash rewards.

Easter Egg Adventure

Players are invited to join an Easter adventure in this online slot game with a 5×3 layout. You’ll explore a world of chocolate goodies and exciting rewards like Guaranteed Scatters, Free Spins, and Instant Prizes.

Join Benny Bunny and his rival Fox in this slot as they race through a mystical valley collecting chocolate eggs. Hunt for eggs on the reels and enjoy tasty payouts. Similar to past Easter games like Easter Eggs and classic Play’n GO Animal Slots like Rocco Gallo.

Sometimes, during random spins, you’ll get Guaranteed Scatters, which boost your chances of triggering the Bonus Feature. To kick off the bonus, you need three Easter Eggs Baskets. Once you hit that mark, you’ll get Free Spins as a reward.

In the bonus round, each symbol resets the counter to 3. Instant Prize boosts your Cash Pot, and the Super Bunny symbol adds more. Fox symbol resets it. Both characters mean a big win. Multipliers increase your winnings further.

The biggest reward comes when both the bunny and the fox show up together. They’ll start a fight, and players get an extra Cash Pot while the counter returns to three. The round finishes after 3 spins without seeing the bunny or egg.

Eggspedition Excitement Unleashed

Magnus Wallentin, the Games Ambassador at Play’n GO, was excited about their latest game, Easter Eggspedition. He talked about how the game is packed with cool stuff like the Cash Pot feature, where Fox and Super Bunny battle it out, Guaranteed Scatters, and Instant Prizes. Wallentin made it clear that the game really pulls you in, showing Play’n GO’s commitment to making awesome seasonal games.

Besides its excellent features, the game looks and sounds great, which makes it enjoyable for all Play’n GO fans. It captures the Easter vibe, letting players feel the holiday magic while also allowing them to win some cool prizes in their Easter baskets.

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