Embark on an Adventure with Jackbox Multi by Swintt

Jackox Multi video slot logo

Experience Swintt’s newest game with its innovative, progressive multiplier. In Jackbox Multi, every spin amps up the excitement, even non-winning ones. Get ready for a dynamic journey filled with thrilling gameplay moments.

Discover the thrill of anticipation as the multiplier boosts profits, offering players greater chances for rewarding experiences. So, dive into Jackbox Multi and enjoy the ride.

Turn Losing Spins into Winning Moments

Prepare for the newest addition to Swintt’s Jackbox series: Jackbox Multi. This game features all the classic symbols you know and love, like fruits, bells, and sevens, across 5 paylines. And get this – you could win up to 3,065 times your bet, making it a real nail-biter with big rewards waiting to be claimed.

In this slot, the real magic happens when you don’t win right away. Here’s the deal: every time you spin without a win, the game steps it up. It adds something extra to your successive potential win, making it even bigger and better. So, even if luck’s not on your side at first, hang in there – your next spin could be the one that brings home the big prize.

As this multiplier keeps climbing with each spin that doesn’t land a win, players start seeing their losing streaks in a new light. Here’s the kicker: the next win could be massive, enough to make up for all the bets they’ve made so far. It’s like the game’s saying, “Hang tight, your big win is just around the corner!” So, don’t sweat those missed spins—they could lead to an even sweeter victory.

Here’s the kicker: in Swintt’s game, when you score a win, there’s a chance to make it even more significant with their gamble feature. It’s super simple – guess the colour of a hidden card. If you’re right, your prize doubles! You can keep going with this until you either guess wrong or hit the max win. It’s like adding a little extra thrill to your winnings.

Swintt’s Innovative Approach with Jackbox Multi

David Mann, Swintt’s CEO, expressed the company’s understanding of players’ frustrations when luck isn’t on their side in their latest game, Jackbox Multi. He highlighted the innovative, progressive multiplier feature that turns non-winning spins into potential future payouts. Mann believes this unique aspect will resonate with players, offering them a reason to stay engaged and excited about the game’s launch at partner casinos this month.

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