MuchBetter CashDuster Will Help Operators Engage with Customers

MuchBetter to Launch In-App Engagement Tool Called CashDuster 2

Award-winning payment service provider MuchBetter has announced the launch of CashDuster, a unique in-app tool. This service is designed to help operators engage with customers through the MuchBetter app. Let’s learn more about the new tool and its benefits.

What Is CashDuster?

CashDuster is a unique in-app tool that will let operators display marketing campaigns and promotions via the MuchBetter app. It is a revolutionary product as this is the first time a payment app will function as an engagement channel for operators. To put it simply, operators will be able to publish a promotion or special offer via the MuchBetter app. Find the list of the best MuchBetter casinos here.

So far, MuchBetter has partnered with some of the biggest online gambling brands in the world. When it comes to players, hundreds of thousands of active users have recognised MuchBetter as a secure, frictionless alternative to traditional e-wallets. With CashDuster, online casinos will have a powerful new marketing channel to reach existing MuchBetter customers. The new feature allows operators to increase the visibility of their existing promotions or launch ad-hoc engagement campaigns. Also, they can track the success of these events in real time.

How CashDuster Works?

For example, an operator can offer a €10 free bet and a MuchBetter user will be able to use this amount with the same operator only. Operators will be able to customise conditions like those that will apply to new customers only or how a customer can qualify for the offer and more. They can also set how long would they like the promotion to run and how many customers can sign up. In case a promotion ends without the desired number of sign-ups, MuchBetter will refund the operator the funds sent to the app.

Promotions can be supported with push messaging and alerts via MuchBetter. In addition, promotions can be combined with other features in the app such as refer a friend or the MuchBetter loyalty engine. Thanks to this, operators will be able to build complex, long-time and highly sticky engagement campaigns. At the same time, CashDuster will enable them to see real-time reports like opening analytics, redemption analytics, benchmarking etc.

CashDuster launches in January 2020 and it will be available to operators from all 180+ countries where MuchBetter operates. MuchBetter co-founder Jens Bader hopes that this service cements their reputation as an e-wallet that isn’t afraid to try new things.

“We’re always looking for ways to add value for its operators and CashDuster allows operators to directly engage with MuchBetter customers within our award-winning application in a meaningful, time-sensitive and interactive fashion,” said Bader adding that no other payment scheme allowed operators or merchants to extend their marketing channels in such way.

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