Mastercard’s Pay by Bank Now Live on MuchBetter

MuchBetter Adds Mastercard's Pay by Bank to Its App

Mastercard’s Pay by Bank is coming to the popular e-wallet, MuchBetter. MuchBetter has announced the integration of the system via its website. Mastercard’s Pay by Bank has proven to be a popular real-time payment system that lets users pay for goods and services online and in stores by using a banking app.

This addition will undoubtedly be very welcome by MuchBetter e-wallet users, as it allows them a very convenient way of making payments. Now, they won’t have to enter passwords, and their payments will be carried out without transaction fees.

Benefits of Mastercard’s Pay by Bank

Pay by Bank is a system developed by Mastercard, which lets users pay for goods and services online in real-time. It is known as a very reliable and popular payment option, and it is now coming to MuchBetter. This new payment option is especially well-suited to the mobile system that MuchBetter uses.

Jens Bader, the co-founder of MuchBetter, said that users could sign up to an account in minutes and make payments with just their fingerprint and phone number.

“The introduction of Pay by Bank underscores our commitment to the user experience. It is a seamless, simple and secure deposit option designed for mobile – just like us – and we think our users will love it,” added Bader.

The new payment system will certainly prove to be a popular option for customers as it presents a simple, convenient and safe payment option at the same time. The good thing about the system is the fact that users can view and manage their balance and make secure payments without entering payment details. The transactions made with the Pay by Bank system will be safe and instant.

What is MuchBetter?

MuchBetter is an online payment app and an e-wallet that allows users to make safe payments online. To do so, they can download an app and create a free account where they can manage their cash. It has more than 300,000 users at the moment of writing this news.

MuchBetter is known as the partner of West Ham United, as well as the payment app for Betway, PokerStars, Paddy Power and many other reputable gaming operators. To date, MuchBetter offers more than 30 different deposit options and Mastercard’s Pay by Bank will undoubtedly make a great addition.

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