Ezugi Unveils Blackjack Salon Privé

Ezugi Salon Privé Blackjack logo

Ezugi, a well-respected Evolution-owned online casino content provider, has launched its most elite product so far. It has added an exclusive Blackjack studio to its rich portfolio, offering its most luxurious gaming environment to date. The latest studio enables players to have complete exclusivity, one player at a table and taking up all the seats. The enterprise offers private Blackjack tables to high rollers who place large maximum bets and want an exclusive space to do it.

Broadcast from Ezugi’s state-of-the-art studio, the salon features specially trained VIP dealers. One of the main advantages of the Blackjack Salon Privé is that it provides complete privacy, offering a VIP experience. As a player, you can ask the dealer for a shoe change anytime and set your own playing pace. Your private table gives you a chance to take your time and thoroughly think your moves through.

Respecting Your Privacy

There are no pre-determined betting, starting or dealing times, for you decide when to place your bets and start your game. However, the main advantage this exclusive environment offers is absolute privacy. No player can participate or spectate. Respecting players’ privacy while providing them with the best customer experience is the basic idea of the product.

Ezugi has confirmed these intentions via its top-notch studio that gives players all the comfort they need. They can feel the luxury and the influence of cutting-edge technology, enjoying the thrills of a land-based casino while playing. This elegant studio has a team of professionals working on it, providing excellent support and help when needed. Everyone likes to feel extra attention and care while playing, and the team looks to make every player feel at home.

Unique Experience

The company’s goal is to put players in charge and spoil them as much as possible. CEO at Ezugi, Kfir Kugler, has said they want to make an ultimate player experience and give customers what they deserve. The new Blackjack Salon Privé is the pride of the enterprise and a treat for all high rollers. It makes a player the most important person in the world, allowing him to enjoy the game thoroughly. Playing the luxurious game at your own pace is a unique experience, and the enterprise expects this product to be a success.

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